Ehime Touring

I went on a touring trip to Ehime for 3 days from August 16th to 18th.

Those who are waiting for their destination will be at Brusca (Harley-Davidson Festival) this May.

These are my friends who came to Gotemba.

On the day of departure, meet at Numazu Ashitaka PA at 1:00 AM on the 16th.

Starting from here with 5 entries horsedash


Things are going well and we are steadily approaching our first visit to Shikoku.


14 hours after departure, Ehime arrives in Matsuyama sweat01

At that point, I was insomnia for about 34 hours. wobbly

And on the 17th, I will finally go to meet Ryoma Sakamoto. up

Meet up with friends from Ehime and depart horsehorse


The trip to Shikoku was very pleasant and the weather was perfect.

And I met run


huge sweat01

Thumbnail image of P1050432.jpg

It was very big and great.

I saw a lot of other things and made a lot of memories. happy01

I'm a rainy person, but we've been blessed with good weather these past three days!

I would also like to go on a long tour like this to meet friends from all over the country. wave

The next day, I cleaned up my beloved car, which I worked hard on. shine


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