beach cruiser

On August 22nd, my son celebrated his 10th birthday. birthday

In this area, starting from 4th grade

(When wearing a helmet) ← This is important

I can now ride my bicycle on public roads.

I've finally reached that age. shine

I also go to softball games, which I recently started playing, by bicycle.

I promised that the bicycle would be my birthday present, so I've been doing my best with a hand-me-down from my cousin. run

Then, as my birthday approaches, I will discuss this with you.

"What kind would you like? What color?"

The men decided to do this while talking about their hobbies and preferences. present

Jajaan sign03

DSC_0495.jpg DSC_0498.jpg

GRQ Beach Cruiser Red .

Looks great next to my bike punch

It was mostly what I wanted, but my son was also very satisfied with it. bicycle

However, this bicycle... has no basket. sweat01

It looks better without the basket, but I was wondering what it would be like for my son...

"I don't need a basket, so make a drink holder. sign01

···Yeah. Don't you say something nice? weep

I'm going to start making a drink holder that will fit this bike right away. notes

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