Medicine bag (S size)

It's like a waist pouch for your phone and keys. I was asked to do it because I felt like it.
I have a customer who has ordered from me before, and the piece I made at that time was finished with brown Tochigi leather, so I used that leather as the base this time as well (^^)

If you put your keys and cell phone (soon to be your smartphone) in one pocket, they will interfere with each other and get scratched, so they wanted to put them in separate pockets, so we created a partition in the center of the pocket, which is unusual at Medicine, and it took a lot of effort. It was produced by adding.
The exterior is accented with an ecru saddle that goes well with the brown leather (^^)

It was created with great care to suit the very stylish owner. I hope that it will be used as a fashion item in the future (^^)

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