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I'm Onishi, a staff member who manages Inokura Leather's SNS.

Our key case is called a ``Key Wear Jacket,'' but we heard from customers that it was difficult to fit a smart key into it, so I thought I'd write about it.

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I would like to write about "How to put a smart key into a keywear jacket."

Inokura Leather key cases are made with the aim of creating a "just fit," so if you can't imagine how it will feel when you put your smart key in it, you may feel it's a "fault."

We would like you to feel the excitement when you put on a key case, so we will introduce some representative examples.

First of all, Inokura Leather's representative key wear jacket

Subaru Type-A (Compatible with Crosstrek, Forester, Levorg, etc.)

There is nothing special about how to insert a smart key into this key case.

1, Remove the bullet part of the clasp.


2, Insert the smart key in this direction


3. Pass the fastener through the double ring fitting.


4.Attach the bullet part to the clasp to secure the smart key.


What do you think?

Did you know how to put it in your key case?

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Next, recently popular key wear jackets from Inokura Leather.

Mazda Type-B (compatible with CX-60, ROADSTER, CX-5, etc.)

1, Remove the button part of the clasp.


2, Insert the smart key (this may be difficult)


3. Pass the double ring fitting through the hole in the center of the clasp.

*The double ring fittings in the photo are larger due to circumstances.


4. Finish by fastening the leather button.


That's a cool color combination.

You can order this with quick order!


This is the perfect way to put your key case!

Well, what do you think?

We have explained the two main ways to put the key case.

If you have any requests, I will explain how to put other key cases in. sign01

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