“The! Generation” is finally here!

Thank you for waiting!

The long-awaited "Generation" is finally here.

Unbleached leather makes use of the original material of the leather and does not contain any dyes or oils.

Therefore, the color change and gloss over time will vary greatly depending on the skill of the customer.

Until now, it has not been possible to sell unbleached products as a standard product, and it has been difficult to find a leather that fits the three-dimensional molding that matches the smart key shape, which is the most distinctive feature of the Inokura Leather Keywear Jacket.

This image shows the product in its freshly completed state.


So, these are the images of years 0, 1, and 2 from the right (sorry the images are a little rough)


And this is the image from the 5th year.

It's a completely different thing compared to the freshly made "unborn" ones shown together.


Aging (changes over time) varies greatly depending on the customer's lifestyle and care.

If you use leather wax etc. and apply it strongly once every few months, you will get a wonderful aging effect as shown in the image.

We can produce all of the key wear jackets, key chains, etc. currently on sale. Please try this opportunity.

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