WRX sti 来店!

WRX sti visit!

It's almost two months since the wave of Levorg keywear jackets started in mid-August, but instead of calming down, it's still a huge wave that's sweeping through the workshop. It's a happy scream.
I made a mold for this key wear and produced it just for the Levorg, but the WRX s4 and WRX sti released at the end of August used the same access key, and orders from those customers have recently increased. I have it.
Over the past few weekends, there have been a lot of people riding around in the Levorg looking for this key wear, and today it finally arrived! WRX sti*\(^o^)/*
Like the Levorg, it has a good style, and the interior is black with red stitching, giving it a mature feel.
Mr. T rode this WRX. I wanted to see the actual product, so I looked around and decided on black with blue stitching to match the blue color of my car.
After paying the bill, I took a quick photo of my first WRX.
Today we had two Levorgs and one WRX coming to our store, one of which was from Chiba, and we are very grateful to them.
I can feel your love for Subaru when I talk to you (^^)
It looks like this big wave will continue, but I'm sewing each item with all my heart, so if you're waiting, please wait a little longer. If you are considering purchasing, please do so as soon as possible!

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