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Separate key chain Two key chains Convenient accessory that can be separated

Separate key chain Two key chains Convenient accessory that can be separated

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A functional keychain that combines two keychains .
Since they are separate, if you attach your car key to one key chain,
You can also remove it immediately for inspection and leave the key in it.
The uses vary depending on each lifestyle. Please order according to your specifications.
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★Metal fittings
Each eggplant ring and double ring are included.
*The color of the metal fittings is only silver.
★About the engraving
After selecting your preferred leather color and the color of the engraving text/logo, please fill in the details of the engraving.
(One of the separates is black and has the Inokura Leather engraving in silver, so please try making the other keychain unique. Please fill in details such as the original logo and name in two lines above and below.)
Delivery time: 1 week I have a question about the name of the separate key chain.
It says to enter the name in two columns (top and bottom), but is it possible to enter it in one column like an attached file?
ALPHARD Alphard leather accessories, convenient for vehicle inspections, name engraving, genuine leather

About delivery and shipping charges

Delivery will be by Yamato Transport.
Flat shipping fee for TA-Q-BIN Compact and others: 550 yen Free shipping for purchases totaling 10,000 yen or more!

About the period until delivery

Each piece is made to order.
Therefore, the "period required from ordering to delivery" varies depending on the product.
Please check the "Estimated shipping date" on the product page.
*If we are unable to meet your desired delivery date and time specified at the time of ordering, we will contact you.

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