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UV print

UV print

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This is an "optional"!
This is an option to apply UV printing to the back of keywear.
If the illustration you want to create is not available , please select " Illustration other than sample" and fill in the details .
*A representative will contact you regarding the specifications when confirming your order.
<What you can do>
  • Multicolor use (2 or more colors) ⇒No additional charge
Compatible colors: CMYK display colors (silver and gold are not available)
It can be applied not only to leather, but also to denim and carbon-like materials, which were previously not possible.

Only the main color can be selected for the print color selection item, but if you have a desired color, you can select "Other".
There are no metallic colors such as gold or silver . If you would like a metallic color, please consider other options.
When adding a vehicle logo (silhouette), please select the desired illustration from the product image for the print content .
(Example: Subaru 18) Silhouette + FORESTER)
*If you would like to change some font colors, please enter them in the "Details" field.
・If there is no change, please write "None".
Our products are semi-custom and completely handmade.

About delivery and shipping charges

Delivery will be by Yamato Transport.
Flat shipping fee for TA-Q-BIN Compact and others: 550 yen Free shipping for purchases totaling 10,000 yen or more!

About the period until delivery

Each piece is made to order.
Therefore, the "period required from ordering to delivery" varies depending on the product.
Please check the "Estimated shipping date" on the product page.
*If we are unable to meet your desired delivery date and time specified at the time of ordering, we will contact you.

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