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Inokura Jeans Straight ST InokuraJeans Men Women

Inokura Jeans Straight ST InokuraJeans Men Women

発送日目安:After 6 business days
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◯Please choose the front opening specifications from [Button/Zipper].
◯Characters can be added
Approximately 10 alphabet characters
Please enter the text if you wish.
◆If you do not wish for text to be added, please write "None" in the notes section.
◯With original BOX
・The same "serial number" and "size" as the product are listed.
◆Those who wish to have the hem hemmed
・If you wish to have the hem hemmed after delivery, please send it by "cash on delivery".
Please roll up the hem and send it in a box.
Hemming will be done free of charge !
The hemming service will be chain stitch!
◆Size feeling
・The waist is a little tight, so if you are concerned about this, please consider choosing one size larger.
◆ Commitment
- Regular straight silhouette that is neither thick nor thin, and you will never get tired of it. The rise is also slightly deep.
・Perfect for expressing the masculinity unique to straight men
- "Grey denim" woven on a thick and sturdy old power loom.
・Uses original selvedge 16oz original denim fabric
- Denim that pursues a vintage feel that is unique to the past, with no pre-shrinking, anti-kinking, or burning .
・Right-hand twill weaving creates a rough craft feel.
leather patch
・“Domestic Himeji leather” that you can enjoy aging
・Includes serial number
・You can enter your favorite text (details below)
・Inokura original metal fittings (buttons and rivets)
Hemming service is chain stitch
If you have any questions about the size, please feel free to contact us via email.

About delivery and shipping charges

Delivery will be by Yamato Transport.
Flat shipping fee for TA-Q-BIN Compact and others: 550 yen Free shipping for purchases totaling 10,000 yen or more!

About the period until delivery

Each piece is made to order.
Therefore, the "period required from ordering to delivery" varies depending on the product.
Please check the "Estimated shipping date" on the product page.
*If we are unable to meet your desired delivery date and time specified at the time of ordering, we will contact you.

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