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Long wallet (cover) Type-A cover wallet long wallet

Long wallet (cover) Type-A cover wallet long wallet

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This is a classic long wallet .

The storage capacity unique to a long wallet!

There are numerous pockets where you can store bills, credit cards, etc.
The coin purse is large and has a wide opening, making it easy to take out coins.
*The specifications in the photo are the standard specifications.


(folded) 97mm x 190mm

(Unfolded) 185mm x 190mm

(Thickness) 38mm

◆The exterior and stitching can be made in your preferred colors.

Please choose the color from the color samples.

*Interior cannot be selected.

==Estimated delivery time==

Please do not specify a delivery date. Production will begin after we receive your order.

*Please note that you may be able to make a selection based on the website specifications.

*Delivery time may vary depending on the production status at the workshop.

As this product takes longer than usual to produce, we are unable to accommodate requests for specific delivery dates and times.
Once we receive your order and have an estimated completion date, our staff will contact you via email or phone to inform you of your preferred delivery date and time.