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Beeswax wax for leather (54g) with rag maintenance leather wax

Beeswax wax for leather (54g) with rag maintenance leather wax

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This wax is made from 100% natural beeswax. Its original formula also makes it highly waterproof.
* Includes a cloth
This is an original, high-quality wax made exclusively for leather, using almost the same ingredients as Lanapar and other products, and only natural ingredients.
This protective cream has a well-balanced blend of stretch, penetration, nutrition and protection, and can be used on a variety of leather products (sofas, bags, shoes, wallets, belts, etc.).

In addition, it does not contain any harmful petroleum-based ingredients.
Since we only use natural ingredients, it is safe even if you accidentally ingest a small amount.

Even if liquid (water, drinks, etc.) is spilled, it will bounce back and will be less likely to leave stains.

Prevents deformation, fingerprints, dirt, and deterioration
Cannot be used on brushed leather (suede, nubuck).

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*Delivery time may vary depending on the production status at the workshop.

About delivery and shipping charges

Delivery will be by Yamato Transport.
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About the period until delivery

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Therefore, the "period required from ordering to delivery" varies depending on the product.
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*If we are unable to meet your desired delivery date and time specified at the time of ordering, we will contact you.

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